Good Morning Kensington

Two Eggs, Two Classic Bacons, Fries, House Salad with Toast


Kyoto Breakfast

Tamago Yaki (Japanese egg roll), Two Shrimp Tempura, Two Onigiri Purple Rice Balls (Wrapped with seaweed), Edamame with Miso Soup


Augusta’s Breakfast

Two Eggs, Two Sausages, Two Classic Bacons, Fries, House Salad with Toast


Sapporo Breakfast

Tamago Yaki (scrambled egg roll), Two Sausages, Two onigiris (Japenese purple rice balls, wrapped with seaweed), Edamame, Miso Soup with House Salad


Market Breakfast Poutine

Japanese Coconut Curry, Cheese Curds, Parmesan Cheese, Two Classic Bacons, One sunny-side-up Egg with Blue poppy seeds

Sunshine Galette

Two Bacons, One Sunny-side-up egg, Parmesan Cheese, Mozzarella Cheese, Spinach, Tomato, Cucumber, Avocado with House Salad


Nassau’s Breakfast

Two Eggs, Two Sausages, Fries, House Salad with Toast

Wakayama Breakfast

Tamago Yaki (Egg roll), Three Takoyaki, Two Onigiri (Japanese purple rice Balls (wrapped with seaweed), Seaweed Salad, Cucumber, Miso Soup



Omelette Run

Grilled Onion, Spinach, Cheddar Cheese, Green Onion, House Salad with Toast

Tokyo Omelette

Roasted Seaweed, Grilled Onion & Mushroom, Cheddar Cheese, Sun Dried Tomato, Japanese Onigiri Rice Ball, Miso Soup (Add Avocado +2 / Smoked Salmon +3)

Mushroom Omelette

Grilled Mushroom & Onion, Cheddar Cheese, Green Onion, House Salad with Toast



La Croissant

Guacamole, Scrambled Egg, Parmesan Cheese, Classic Bacon, Sun Dried Tomato with House Salad

Captain Croissant

Smoked Salmon, Grilled Onion Wasabi Mayo (Mild), Avocado Kewpie Mayo, with House Salad

Morning Croissant

Classic Bacon, Tomato, Avocado, Over easy Egg, Mayo and House Salad





Grilled Margherita

Bocconcini Cheese & Mozzarella, Fresh Basil, Homemade Tomato Sauce, Sun Dried Tomato,Cream Cheese with House Salad

B .T. G

Guacamole, Classic Bacon, Sun Dried Tomato, Cream Cheese, Chipotle Sauce, Cheddar Cheese, with House Salad


Cheese Sandwich

Bocconcini Cheese, Cheddar Cheese, Mozzarella Cheese, Basil Pesto with House Salad


Bagel Lox

Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese, Grilled Onion, Caper with House Salad


Bagel Buster

Scrambled Egg, Cheddar Cheese, Bacon with Chipotle Sauce 


BLT Bagel

Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato


Breakfast Pancake

Hot Fresh Pancakes, Two Sausages, Two Eggs, Two Classic Bacons, Maple Syrup with Butter


Banana Nutella

Hot Fresh Pancakes, Banana Nutella, Whipped Cream


Canadian Pancake

Hot Fresh Pancakes, Classic Maple Syrup with Butter




Fuji Salad

Smoked Salmon, Masago (Fish Roe), Kale Artichoke, Onigiri Rice Ball, Sun Dried Tomato, Seaweed, Radish, Avocado, Spinach, Cabbage, Carrot, Lettuce, Spicy Mayo, Kewpie Mayo, Wonton Chip



5pcs Japanese Octopus Balls, Takoyaki Sauce, Kewpie Mayo, Bonito Seaweed Flakes


Shrimp Tempura

5pcs of shrimp Tempura with Assorted Market Fresh Veggie Tempura


Teriyaki Veggie

Zucchini, Eggplant, Pepper, Sweet Potato, Homemade Teriyaki Sauce

Corn Salad

Sweet Corn, Avocado, Bacon, Grilled Mushroom, Tomato


5pcs of Beef / Pork Japanese Dumpling

Agedashi Tofu

Silken Firm Tofu, Homemade Sauce, Green Onion, Seaweed & Bonito Flakes



5pcs of Beef / Pork Japanese Dumpling


Seaweed Salad


Spinach Salad

Spinach, Homemade Soy Sauce, Bonito Flake

Japanese Curry Poutine

Japanese Coconut Curry, Cheese Curd, Crab, Kewpie Mayo, Wasabi Mayo, Green Onion, Masago (Fish Roe), Seaweed Flakes, Wonton Chip





Original Okonomiyaki

Flour, Egg, Shredded Cabbage, Zucchini, Carrots, Green Onion, Onion, Dikon, Takoyaki Sauce, Kewpie Mayo, Bonito Flakes, Seaweed Flakes

California Okonomiyaki

Flour, Egg, Shredded Cabbage, Zucchini, Carrots, Green Onion, Onion, Dikon, Kewpie Mayo, Takoyaki Sauce, Avocado, Crab Salad, Masago

Seafood Okonomiyaki

Flour, Egg, Shredded Cabbage, Zucchini, Onion,Dikon, Carrots, Green Onion, Wasabi Mayo (Mild), Spicy Mayo, Shrimp Tempura, Smoked Salmon,Crab Salad, Masago (Fish Roe), Takoyaki Sauce

Sweet Yam Roll

Sweet Potato Tempura, Avocado, Kewpie Mayo

A.C.O Roll

Avocado, Cucumber, Osinko (Pickled Radish), Kewpie Mayo, Spicy Mayo, Wasabi Mayo (Mild)


Rainbow Roll

Shrimp Tempura, Cucumber, Avocado, Smoked

Salmon, Sesame

House Special Roll

Smoked Salmon, Shrimp Tempura, Cream Cheese, Avocado, Kewpie Mayo



Chicken Karaage Don

Crunchy Crispy Juicy Bites of Marinated Chicken Karaage, Cabbage, Seaweed Flakes, Ginger, Ketchup, Spicy Mayo, Kewpie Mayo, Green Onion


Tonkatsu Don

Breaded Pork Fillet, Seaweed Flakes, Homemade Special Tonkatsu Sauce, Cabbage Salad


Shrimp Tempura Curry Don

5pcs Shrimp Tempura, Japanese Coconut Curry, Cabbage Salad


Teriyaki Chicken Don

House Special Teriyaki Sauce, Chicken Breast, Cabbage, Carrots, Broccoli, Sesame

Katsu Curry Don

Breaded Pork Fillet, Japanese Curry Sauce, Omelette, Seaweed Flakes, Homemade Tonkatsu Sauce


Oyako Don (Chicken & Egg)

Marinated Chicken, Egg, Green Onion, Onion, Seaweed


Beef, Japanese Gyudon Sauce, Red Onion, Green Onion, Sunny Side Up Egg

Sansyoku Don 

Scrambled Egg, Spinach, Beef, Japanese Gyudon Sauce, Bonito Flake


(Japanese Rice Bowl)

* Served with Multigrain Purple Rice

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I got a morning croissant and the banana hot chocolate and both were absolutely amazing! - Karen B.

Best part is the Chicken Don Bowl and BANANA HOT CHOCOLATE!!! It's simply one of the best Hot Chocolates I've ever had :) - Abhishek C.

Fancy Japanese street food. We went back 5 months later and had their Seafood Okonomiyaki,Extremely delicious. - Chuan C.

Although their vegetarian options are limited it was great, I highly recommend their Teriyaki Tofu Don, that broth was really good. - Dhivya S.

Very very good food.. I was so surprised at the presentation of the chicken and rice i got. Looked super fancy. Will eat here many times again - Thomas C.